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New Twitter Post with Buckets of Buy Links!

Navigating the social media ocean is so tricky for indie authors because there is no proven formula that works for every book or genre. I, unfortunately, do not write romance which is extremely easy to market on social media and has an absolutely MASSIVE audience. With some of the marketing tools you can target readers who like certain writers that your work might resemble in tone or genre, but on Twitter and Instagram, you can only hashtag. I don't want to hashtag another writer's name next to my work, so I'm not doing that. But I saw another writer post on Twitter with a mess of buy links on top of her ad. So, here's my attempt at that. If anyone is curious, I use Canva to cobble together all these social media post. Love that service. Buy links galore below in case you'd like to forward one to a friend who might like my quirky little tale. The links go to the first book as Six of One is a true serial. You have to start at the beginning with Blackwing. Here's the post:

A ghost story for grown-ups. Full series here: B&N, iTunes, Amazon, and Kobo. #ghosts #books #sixofone #spookysexy #horror #scarystories #magic #witches #amwriting

I've been running a few ads with new sources so far this year and I've had some successes. The main thing I need now is to reach readers so they know I'm here and can sample what I'm doing. Being seen is the hardest part about being indie. But I am undaunted! :)

Hope you're all well and that 2019 is treating you and yours with love and kindness so far. ~


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