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The Weight of Paper

I received a proof copy of the print version of Six of One: Blackwing today from Createspace. It came in a regular Amazon book box, all zipped up in plastic—just like a real book would. The big difference here was that when I unzipped the packaging, out popped MY book—covered, bound and beautiful. I knew I would be impacted by seeing it ‘live and in person’, but the reality of that impact was more like being hit by a train. A lovely one, of course, but a train nonetheless.

As my gentle character, Sonya Pritchard would say, holy moly.

In fact, both—holy AND moly. What an extraordinary feeling! I knew from the first word I typed on this story one year and two months ago, that it was something special. Writers think all their books are special, but this one had a short of glow to it. It’s the first time I’ve told the truth in any of my stories—the truth about myself, that is. All the flaws and frailties of these new characters are present in me, as I hope are their strengths and gifts. I love them all and pray they will find others who adore them just as much.

I’m hoping to spend many long and happy years with these fun, interesting people in their beautiful homes of Edinburgh and Mount Iolite. Come join us, dear readers. And if the stories cause you uneasy sleep, we’ll be sure to stand watch at your door so you can rest. No real monsters will get to you.

We promise.

Links for purchase will be posted here on Friday, September 1, 2017. Send a raven (or, in this case, a crow).



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