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Following is a description of my book series entitled Arabesque, a chronicle of a sensual May-December love affair set in the fine arts community of Los Angeles.  This is a gay romance and a work of erotic fiction with heavy elements of BDSMArabesque is now available for purchase through Amazon/Kindle




While some men in their late forties flounder after a marriage ends, Elijah Paulson finds his wings.  A former ballet star, he is svelte and beguiling, a most charming manipulator; and after being married to a sedate symphony conductor for eight years, he’s making his way through scores of much younger lovers. 


His newfound confidence stems largely from the prominent influence of Michael Ward, a kingpin in the LA arts community and founder of an SMBD club catering mostly to wealthy philanthropists.  In Elijah, Ward sees not only the makings of a great Dom, but a second in command for his growing fraternity.  These strengths must first be mined before cultivated and Elijah proves to be an eager, quick study.  But a man cannot live on leather play alone.


Los Angles is the heart of the film and television industries, but compared to its metropolitan brethren, it suffers from a dearth of the fine arts.  Elijah, a native New Yorker, longs to raise the consciousness of his adopted city and give it a sparkling, thriving center for dance.  Armed with substantial funds, he takes on the task of building a complex in the Hollywood Hills where ballet can be enjoyed by all. 


Such a massive endeavor would be incomplete without its own flagship ballet company.  As Elijah auditions new dancers for this prestigious group, he meets a young man who sparks a seismic emotional shift inside him.


The lush fantasies of classical ballet often involve a beautiful princess and a dashing, handsome prince.  Twenty-three-year-old Reid Carmichael Hayden, a fiercely talented green-eyed blond, is just such royalty.  His teachers call him a ‘star’s star’, one destined to be a legend.  He is ambitious and intelligent, fiery and fearless and he has very specific taste in much older men.  When Reid meets Elijah it’s a lovely carnal fit drawing them both into waters far too deep for wading.


They bond quickly and love quickly, propelling each other to the edges of their own personal and sexual boundaries.  Young and insatiable, Reid wants to know, taste and feel everything, and Elijah wants to watch him do it all.  Elijah tries to shield his young lover from the many dangers he might bring upon himself, but his own desires ultimately override his judgment.  As Reid discovers leather play, Elijah blooms at his response to it all, reigniting his own passions for the darker elements of play.













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