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Behold the Icicles of Doom that hung on the condo my friends and I rented in Whistler BC, December 2008. No, I don't ski. I'm a total klutz.


About DeAnna


I wrote my first story when I was nine about an evil stray cat who liked to shred laundry. From there, I experimented with acting, singing, journalism and modern dance, but always came back to my first passion.  I've written five novels but the first one will likely be the last published.


The serial Six of One is set in a real place that's very dear to my father and me. The story itself was seeded by a dream I had waking up from a surgery that saved my life in 2016. I will always consider it my most truthful work and look forward to its readers finding it.  


Arabesque and its cast chose me as their storyteller almost seventeen years ago and the project has been a labor of love ever since. While I am not currently continuing that series, I have plans to in the future. 


I'm a TV nerd and a reluctant, fidgety reader, but once a book hooks me, I plow through ravenously. My literary heroes are Fitzgerald, Hemingway, McInerney, Tartt, Gaiman, Gabaldon and King. I love ghost stories but fear the dark.


I am a long time resident of West Hollywood, California.  I really wish I had freckles. 




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